DeGolyer Elementary Dads Club

The DeGolyer Elementary Dads Club provides fundraising and support to the staff and students of DeGolyer Elementary. If you’re not already on our mailing list, use the form to sign up. We meet monthly to work on planning for upcoming events, and it’s a great way to meet some of your neighbors and fellow parents, and have a good time doing it.


Dads Club is a group of dads who volunteer their time to help improve the quality of education at DeGolyer Elementary. We work closely with the DeGolyer PTA, teachers, and school administration to identify the needs of the students and faculty, and then raise funds and/or provide labor to meet those needs. Over the years, The Dads Club has helped out with just about everything imaginable. Here are just a few examples of items purchased or jobs done by the Dads Club:

  • iStation Reading and Math program licensing for grades 3 -5
  • ALL In Learning tools for select classrooms
  • The digital marquee sign in front of the school
  • The DeGolyer Discovery Garden
  • Purchased ukuleles for the Music department
  • Providing funds, along with DeGolyer PTA, to repave the outdoor basketball court
  • Painting the Principal’s, Secretary’s, and CSR’s offices
  • Funding purchase of new athletic equipment, including basketballs, basketball nets, volleyball nets, sports uniforms, and many more
  • New magnetic white boards which replaced existing chalk boards in academic classrooms
  • Annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner

Our Namesake

DeGolyer Elementary School is named after Everette Lee DeGolyer (1886-1956) for his outstanding contributions to science, education and community.

He began his career as a geologist in Mexico, where he struck oil at the age of 24. He invested his oil profits in Geophysical Services Incorporated (GSI). GSI developed techniques for oil detection that revolutionized the oil industry. GSI later became Texas Instruments. Mr. DeGolyer also founded Degolyer/ MacNaughton. the leading petroleum consulting firm in the world today, and one or our most valued corporate sponsors. In 1939-1940, Mr. DeGolyer and his wife Nell built the now famous DeGolyer estate which remains a cultural Dallas landmark.

DeGolyer Elementary School first opened in 1959 but closed in 1982 due to a dwindling student population. In the spring of 1994, the DISD Board of Trustees recommended the re-opening of DeGolyer. Thelma Lott Jones was named principal. In the time since the school re-opened, DeGolyer has been the only neighborhood school out of over 200 such schools in the district to consistently achieve either an “exemplary” or a “recognized” rating. We think Mr. DeGolyer would have been proud.